Monday, April 24, 2006

Speaker recounts horrors of Darfur genocide

Eyewitness to Sudan conflict says U.S. should help region
Behnaz Abolmaali

A group of about 100 students heard first-hand accounts of rape, murder and torture in Darfur, Sudan, during a talk Friday by Brian Steidle, a former Marine captain and U.S. representative to the African Union's peacekeeping mission. Steidle presented photographs and poignant accounts of individuals caught in what he said is regarded as the worst humanitarian conflict today.

"I saw villages of up to 20,000 people burned to the ground. I saw government looting, burning," said Steidle, who is on a nationwide tour to speak about his experiences. "I saw people who had their ears cut off, their eyes plucked out, simply because of who they are." Read more >>>

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Anonymous said...

i can only imagine the horror that these people have endured and witnessed