Friday, November 30, 2018

First 7 Secrets to helping yourself and your community

First 7 Secrets to helping yourself and your community

Anyone can have an opportunity to make a decent living, help charities and communities without investing a lot of cash or owning a factory or being born of privileged.

Hi everybody,

I am Amed Weelingkwe and today I am going to share with you simple First 7 Secrets that will help you and others to do well, generate a decent income and help the community around you or even aim at becoming a millionaire.

1) Read:
There is so much knowledge there nowadays for free or relatively for less money and effort. You don’t have to be a professor or go to Cambridge or Harvard to get all knowledge of the world. You can just go to the library, read books, periodicals and articles. You may also go to internet, read blogs, learn from other entrepreneurs, subscribe to podcast in iTunes. Do whatever you can to learn more.

2) Focus:
A lot of people especially the younger generation want to do everything. There is no enough time today to do 10, 20, 30 multiple different businesses. Undoubtedly, you may have 30, 40 or even 100 different ideas. But pick One. One key to success to those multimillionaires like Bill Gates, according to him, is Focus. If it works for him, why it doesn’t work for you?

3) Solve a problem:
You have to help other people by solving their problems. If you are not solving a problem, why people pay for you or give you their money?

4) Easy/affordable solution:
The solution needs to be easy to use or affordable. If it is expensive or difficult to use it, who is going to pay for it or use it? No one or very few.
Everyone or most people are somehow lazy and are looking for convenience these days.

5) Learning:
Learn from your mistakes
In business, you can make mistakes and sometimes a lot of them. Every one does. And that is fine. If you don’t make mistakes, something is wrong with you. When you are making these mistakes, track them down and avoid making them over and over again.
If you make 30 mistakes and you learn from each one of them, within due course you will know Not-what-to-do. Avoiding doing wrong things will eventually lead to doing right things.

6) Competitors
You have competitors. Go and search for articles and interviews relating to their businesses. You will read about their statistics, numbers, their mistakes and secrets that help them grow their businesses. When you read, listen and learn what they do, you can take what they do to be successful and replicate that into your own business.

7) Execute fast. Speed and execution is preferred over perfection. Move today rather than leave if for next week or next year. Avoid prognostication.

Follow those First 7 Secrets and you too can do really well and help the community around you.

Now I want you to comment below what business you are going to start and how you are going to use these First 7 Secrets to grow your business and be successful in your entrepreneurial career.

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Amed Weelingkwe