Sunday, April 16, 2006

Darfur's children deserve our protection

By William Hague

We've seen the evidence of ethnic cleansing. We must act now or be condemned for our inhumanity

'We send our grandmothers to collect the firewood. We know they will be beaten. But we have no choice; if we send our men, they will kill them. If we send our women or our girls, they will rape them.' I could see the bitterness and despair on the young woman's face as she described the cruel choice that her family is forced to make every day. We were standing in Abu Shouk displaced persons' camp in Darfur, Sudan, in front of the flimsy tent that she called home. The full story >>>

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Eddie said...

Thank you for stopping my blog :-). Indeed, Darfur's children do need our protection, and unfortunately, as bloggers, this is the best we can do, to raise our voices and try to get attention from others.