Monday, April 17, 2006

Genocide in Sudan begs for attention

Tim Nonn

I used to be a dedicated bystander. Whenever I caught a glimpse in the media of the genocide in Sudan, I turned away.

One night, I stopped -- and heard the story of a young Sudanese mother who had walked for days through the desert with her children until they reached the safety of a refugee camp. Her village had been destroyed and her husband killed by government-sponsored militia. She saved her children, and changed my life.

I asked my church to contribute funds for the refugees in Darfur. A few months later, my tranquil existence as a husband, father and editor of technical journals was turned upside-down when I was asked by national church leaders to form a grassroots interfaith campaign called Dear Sudan. Our goal, as part of a larger movement, is to stop the genocide. Read more >>>

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