Friday, April 14, 2006

Bush Administration Darfur Policy: Incompetence or Disingenuousness?

Eric Reeves

The Washington Post editorial (full text of this important statement at has asked the essential question of the Bush administration; tragically, the preponderance of evidence suggests that “two-faced” and disingenuous is the better description. What follows from this ugly reality is a lack of meaningful US policy for Darfur and eastern Chad, with the bleak diplomatic prospect that US leadership will be lacking as the Darfur region enters its period of greatest and most remorseless human destruction. Despite various posturing comments by Mr. Bush about a significant NATO role in Darfur (“NATO stewardship” was his phrase in February), statements from senior NATO officials in Brussels indicate that the role of the Alliance will in fact be highly limited. It is all too clear that senior Bush administration officials, at both the State Department and Pentagon, have failed to communicate effectively with NATO allies in Brussels, leaving a gaping disparity in public statements. The Bush administration has not invested the political and diplomatic capital necessary to sway the Alliance, which moves by notoriously slow consensus. Read more >>>

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john bolton or not said...

The USA now must retreat from the direct interventionist nation it has been. The US can not intervene directly in the Sudan for several reasons but primarly because it will be percieved as just an extension of the war on terrorism. A new dimension to the current problem will emerge that will only lead to even more bloodshed. The USA tried to get the UN Security Council to act but 11 of 15 members of the Security Council are also member states to the International Criminal Court and these 11 states wanted to refer the situation to the ICC. This was a mistake because the ICC is powerless to act and the UN Security Council wanted the African Union to take the lead in the Darfur in assistance of the ICC. But the AU troops seem to be just participating in the pillage and rape themselves. The USA has been rebuffed in NATO by the EU states who are talking the situation to death and more death. Your accusation that Bush is at fault is shallow and political and ignorant. The longstanding USA policy and not the Bush administration must make major changes in its posture as world policeman. The world has rejected us. There is a demand for a new world order and it is not for the anti-democratic polyarchy that was begun in the Reagan era, continued and excellerated by the Clinton administration and again embraced by the Bush administration. The USA is unable to save the Darfur region of the Sudan. The UN must do it. Put the blame where it belongs.