Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Posturing on Genocide in Darfur and Eastern Chad

The UN Takes Its Turn at Posturing on Genocide in Darfur and Eastern Chad
Posted by: ereeves

US and Britain offer a token Security Council sanctions resolution, which is promptly rejected by China, Russia, and Qatar
The international community seems to have an inexhaustible capacity for disingenuousness, expediency, and bad faith in responding to resurgent genocide in Darfur and eastern Chad. Even as all humanitarian indicators strongly suggest that human mortality and displacement are rapidly accelerating, there is no action in prospect---diplomatic or military---that might address the acute insecurity that threatens civilians and continues to attenuate humanitarian capacity and operations. This growing insecurity ensures that the deaths of huge numbers of innocent children, women, and men will continue through the coming rainy season and hunger gap (May through September)---and well beyond. The full story >>>

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