Monday, October 24, 2005

Cordaid advocates "convergence" approach for Adilla response

"We don't mind not having a clinic as long as we have water to drink!" An elderly women quipped to John Garang, Cordaid Project Field Assistant a couple of weeks ago while on our regular runs in Jad Alsid. This town has 3 non-functional water boreholes just like the locality of Al Mazroub both SLA controlled towns in Adilla. "We are seriously reflecting these comments from our beneficiaries as we try to cope with variables that affect our impact. The absence of water in most areas of Cordaid operation in South Darfur is changing the perspective of our approach to intervention as target population is exposed to another critical need for survival. We advocate -convergence of attention for these people!" A quick remark from Letitia Kleij, Head of Mission, Cordaid Sudan Program.

Cordaid, an international development organization- "linking relief and development", devotes it's heart and soul to the most vulnerable and those deprived of their rights in over 13 towns and localities spread over the districts of El Daein, Adilla and Buram. Cordaid Sudan is a proactive partner of South Darfur MOH in mobilizing and supporting 13 Basic Health Units in these districts. There are 214 MOH, IDP health workers, volunteers and Cordaid national staff who are linking arms to lift the health burden of 99,481 IDPs and 117,406 host residents. ECHO and UNICEF are both partners. Cordaid regards vulnerability reduction and capacity building as focus on its most commitments.

The past couple of weeks, a successive training about case management and diagnosis for Cholera, Malaria and EWARS have been coordinated by Cordaid thru the auspices of WHO Nyala Team headed by Dr. Carmen Camino. A significant number of physicians and medical assistants from El Daein Hospital and surrounding BHUs have gained up to date clinical skills and passion to serve their communities. Cordaid endeavors to support 13 BHUs and Adilla Hospital as a partner for uplifting the health status both IDPs and host communities. The core approach of increasing the capacity of state MOH from disrupted to functional level will be augmented with health worker's incentives, rational drug support and clinical training of health personnel. The Cordaid primary health care development project supports existing mother and child health initiatives including preventive health programs served to both host and displaced communities. A South Sudan Cordaid Program in Northern Bahr el Ghazal is also organizing a primary health care program with relief and development component.

"The context in which Cordaid operates becomes more challenging as prior thematic priorities in health care intervention requires a linkage to development issues to achieved valued impacts", as Peter Konijn- Policy Director of Cordaid outlined this new perspective. As Cordaid aims towards making sustainable improvements in the health of the poor and vulnerable groups in Darfur; Memisa, Mensen in Nood and Vastenaktie will remain committed to the Cordaid mission of - this world belongs to everyone.

Ephraim Palmero, MD
Cordaid Netherlands


Anonymous said...

Isn't this site redundant, given that Coalition for Darfur and Passion of the Present both provide daily news about Darfur and Sudan in general? Use your time in some other way to stop the genocide - starting a chapter of the Genocide Intervention Network in your local area would be a good.

Blue Cross of California said...

It's unfortunate to see so many in poverty and without health care and something must be done to improve situations as they are getting worse.