Monday, October 10, 2005

90,000 refugees live in Darfur Kalam camp

Paris, France, 10/10 - About 90,000 refugees live in Kalam camp, in Sudan`s western Darfur region, reeling under armed conflict between two rebel groups and Sudan government forces, according to a census released Saturday by World Vision International.

"The exercise enabled World Vision to issue ration tickets to internal displaced persons, thus allowing them to have access to food distribution in the camp in the next three months," the NGO explained in a press release published in Paris.

It promised to continue a census of refugees in camps located in southern Darfur in order to ensure the effectiveness of its action.

"The enumeration of occupants of camps is central to the evaluation of their needs for the improvement of humanitarian assistance, mainly in food and basic needs," the press release added.

World Vision said the census operation in Kalam camp was effected through the support of the World Food Program (WFP), the UN Humanitarian Office (OCHA), and the African Union Mission in Sudan.

Other humanitarian organizations had estimated that 160,000 people were displaced in Kalma, which remains Darfur`s biggest camp.

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