Thursday, January 11, 2007

We must demand action on Darfur

Fast forward to 2007, Darfur: Its endless graveyards are evidence of crimes against humanity. Burned villages are becoming permanent reminders of what has transpired under our watch. Refugees’ faces tell stories of unspeakable horror.

But, for Darfur, the tides are turning. World leaders and celebrities alike are speaking out. United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has called the situation “unacceptable.” The UN Human Rights Council held a special session on Darfur. Sudan is feeling the pressure. In short, we’re moving closer to putting UN peacekeepers on the ground to strengthen civilian protection.

We are at a critical moment. It’s time Canadian students united to pressure our government to take concrete steps to bring an end to the killing in Darfur. After four years of inaction, over 200,000 dead and millions displaced, we need to take a stand. “Never Again” means never again. Read more >>>

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