Thursday, January 25, 2007

Darfur: Genocide lost in the shuffle of daily life

By: Professor Samuel Totten

The latest report out of Darfur, Sudan, where genocide has been in progress since late 2003, is that the crisis has radically increased in violence and that international observers fear that if something is not done soon to halt the Sudanese governments' attacks on internally displaced and refugee camps, the situation might degenerate into a full blown genocide in which the black Africans of Darfur are wiped out.

After all of the hand-wringing over the lack of action to halt the Nazi Holocaust (1933-1945), the Khmer Rouge-perpetrated genocide in Cambodia (1975-1978), and the Rwandan genocide (1994), and the genocide in Srebrenica (1995), it is horrifically disconcerting that the international community (made up of individual nations, yes, but also individual citizens such as you and me) has done so very little to halt the genocide in Darfur. Read more >>>

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