Monday, January 29, 2007

Protesters raise tents, awareness of genocide

By Gretel Sarmiento

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
BOCA RATON — The cease-fire and peace agreements have done little to stop the violence, murders and rapes in the Darfur region of western Sudan. Though Darfur stands for "land of the Fur," for the last three years its name has been synonymous with "genocide."

The Save Darfur Coalitions of south, central and north Palm Beach County are not giving up. About 300 people attended an awareness rally at Temple Beth El Sunday. Their goal: to stop the genocide in Africa's largest country. Read more >>>

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Never Again Conference said...

Darfur Daily News,

I admire your blog very much. Thank you for your part in ending this genocide. My name is Kate Scully, I am one of the key organizers of the upcoming student conference "Never Again": The Student Conference to End Genocide in Darfur.

Some time ago, our teacher (as well as John Predergast- he sent us his book before it was published..I do believe it's still under review.) inspired us to take action on Darfur. Stumbled by the limited capabilities (or so we thought) of high school students, we never realized how much of a difference we could really make. We came up with the idea of a three day conference to raise student awareness on the issue; one of the fundamental beginning steps towards change.
The conference will take place on February 10th, 11th, and 12th at the New School of Northern Virginia. We have had many offers from Universities for conference space, but decided to keep it on our home turf.
February 10th is called the "Problem" day. From 9AM-5PM on this day, students that are attending will be educated by a series of nationally renowned non-profits including Amnesty International, World Vision, Darfur Peace and Development,Save Darfur, STAND, the Genocide Intervention Network, and many more. There will be a showing of "Darfur Diaries" (which is now also a book!) and a panel discussion between the students and their educators. Congressman James Moran is the opening key-note speaker for this day. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.
February 11th is the "Solutions" Day. From 9AM-5PM , the students that are attending will learn how to lobby through speakers with audit and PowerPoint presentations; as well as an intensive workshop provided by Amnesty International. The lobbying workshop and various presentations on lobbying will prepare students for the following day. A continental breakfast and lunch will also be provided on this day.
The last day, February 12th, is World Refugees Day. On this day, the students will meet as a collective group at the Capitol in Washington D.C . and lobby for Darfur . Appointments have been set up with numerous congressmen & working staff so that the students can come face to face with their legislators and demand that America fight the war on Genocide.
One of the first steps towards change is student outcry. We need an uproar. We need a group of dedicated students to come and fight for the less fortuanate, the dying, for humanity. Please help us find students that are dedicated to doing just this. Any way you can help would be greatly appreciated.
I can send you our press release, confirmed speakers, layouts, and basic informations sheet. We would love to keep in touch with you.

Thanks so much,

Current sponsors: STAND/The Genocide Intervention Network, American Audio Video