Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sudanese army launches major offensive in Darfur

By Opheera McDoom

KHARTOUM, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Sudan's government has launched a major offensive in North Darfur despite an agreement to restart a peace process, Darfur rebels said on Sunday.

A rebel commander said clashes continued on Saturday and Sunday, following joint attacks by government and militia forces on rebel bases in the Bir Mazza area on Nov. 15-16.

The African Union (AU) monitoring mission, which had condemned last week's attacks, confirmed that fighting was continuing in the area. But the Sudanese army denied it was conducting an offensive.

"We have split into two or three groups and all have fighting," said Jar el-Neby, a rebel commander from the National Redemption Front (NRF), which rejects a May peace accord signed by only one of many rebel factions.

"The government did not use planes yesterday but today the Antonovs are circling," he told Reuters from Darfur. Read more >>>

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