Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nuer Community calls for military support to Darfur’s NRF

Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA)
Press Release

Following three days deliberation, the Supreme Council of Nuer community in North America has unanimously decided to give military assistance to Darfur’s National Redemption Front. The ongoing genocide in Darfur perpetrated by National Congress Party’s jihadists can only be stopped militarily.

It has to be recalled that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda was stopped by the Tutsi freedom fighters after the failure of international community. Since the Bush’s administration has failed to use American military might to stop genocide in Darfur, the Supreme Council of Nuer community has come to conclusion that only the unity of the marginalized Africans in Sudan will stop ethnic cleansing in Darfur. The National Redemption Front, the military front of Darfur factions that didn’t sign the Darfur Peace Agreement, should be militarily supported to stop the genocide.
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