Monday, November 06, 2006

Darfur villagers mourn children killed by militia

By Opheera McDoom

GHEBESH, Sudan, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Arab militia on horses and camels wearing pristine uniforms and carrying brand new guns rode into Mariam Abakr Yehya's Darfur village early in the morning of Oct. 29, witnesses said.

Her three-year-old son Adam was torn from her embrace and shot dead by the intruders, who killed more than 50 people and looted all they could find in the village.

Overcome with grief as she recalled the incident, Mariam threw herself on the sandy soil, sobbing and beating the ground, her red and yellow robe covered in dust.

She cuddled her tiny baby as a surviving son hid in the gloom of their straw hut.

"Why? why? My heart is broken," she cried as her family tried to calm her down. "Next time they said they would kill this one," she said, referring to her baby boy. Read more >>>

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