Monday, October 02, 2006

US military action urged against Sudan

From correspondents in Washington

TWO former senior US officials and a sitting congressman called today for the US to lead military strikes against Sudan if Khartoum persists in its refusal to allow UN peacekeepers into its Darfur region.

"It's time to get tough with Sudan," Anthony Lake, who served as president Bill Clinton's National Security Adviser, former assistant secretary of state for Africa Susan Rice and Democratic representative Donald Payne wrote in an opinion piece in today's Washington Post.

The three said Sudan President Omar al-Beshir's Arab-led government had launched a major new offensive against rebels in Darfur, threatening to unleash a "second wave of genocide" against the region's ethnic African population.

"After three years of fruitless negotiation and feckless rhetoric, it's time to go beyond unenforced UN resolutions to a new kind of resolution: the firm resolve to act," they said. Read more >>>

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