Saturday, October 07, 2006

More than 80 infants die each day in Darfur: UN


MELLIT, Sudan — Myriam Ibrahim does not like to talk about her daughter Fawzia.

The smallest of triplet girls born in May, the infant died last month in Darfur. Now, the 29-year-old mother has just a week of powdered milk for her two remaining babies — and no idea how she will feed them afterward.

"Fawzia started having fever, then diarrhea, and then she died. It was a month ago," Ibrahim said with the soft, sad smile so common to Darfurian women as they recount their survival.

Each day in Darfur, 80 children under age five die because of malnutrition, disease and generally poor living conditions created by violence in this barren region of western Sudan, the UN Children's Fund estimates.

When Ibrahim gave birth to her triplets in May, stress and lack of food left her with no milk of her own for her daughters. Read more >>>

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