Monday, October 02, 2006

Rescue the life of prominent Darfur peace negotiator

Abulgasem Ahmad Abulgasem, a political opponent of the Sudanese government, prominent figure in Abuja Peace Negotiations and member of a faction of the Sudan Liberation Army, was arrested by the Saudi Arabian security forces on 26 September at his home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he lived for 28 years.

The reason for his arrest is unclear but is believed to be connected to a speech in which he criticized the Sudanese government at the Sudanese Embassy prior to his arrest.

According to our source, Abulgasim was already deported on Saudi Arabia Airlines flight 453 from Jeddah to Kartoum, at 18:50 local time. His life is at imminent risk of torture and unfair trial if not at great danger of being sentenced to death.

- Name: Abulgasem Ahmed Abulgasem

- Date and place of birth: Kutum, Darfur 1950

- Social status: Married with four children

- Occupation: Engineer

- Place of current residence: Jeddah Saudi Arabia, for 28 Years

- Date and place of arrest: Jeddah, Tuesday September 26, 2006

- Photo: see attachemenet

The people of Darfur are deeply concerned about the life of Abulgasem and are confident that EU, UN, Human Rights Watch and other rights groups will exert maximum effort to help the release of Abulgasem.

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