Thursday, September 21, 2006

The 'responsibility to protect' Darfuris

By Lee Feinstein International Herald Tribune

Kofi Annan reminded world leaders on Tuesday of the pledge they made last year to "protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity." The question now is whether this pledge was humanitarian hypocrisy, or did they have something serious in mind?
For most of its history, the UN General Assembly has been the place where states are represented as formal equals, and where criticism of a government's human-rights practices could be deflected with a wink and a reference to the Charter's Article 2, which bars interference "in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state." Read more >>>

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Jay McGinley said...

Dear Friends,

The following is NOT PERSONAL.

Isn't it hypocricy for most (not all) of us bloggers to be writing if we are not also - marching, sitting in, sitting in jails if that what it takes to be heard? We only have the MORAL authority to blog, if we have put our bodies where our keyboards are. MAYBE YOU HAVE.