Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Annan warns Sudan on Darfur aid

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has warned Sudan that it will bear responsibility for any worsening of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.
Mr Annan said Khartoum's resistance to a UN peacekeeping effort was putting at risk assistance for around 3m people.

Should aid agencies leave Darfur for lack of security, Mr Annan said, the Sudanese government would have to answer to the rest of the world.

A BBC correspondent says Mr Annan's language was unusually blunt. Read more >>>

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Atlantiker said...


I would like to write a major post about Darfur and encourage some other bloggers as well. Perhaps we could create an online demonstration like we did in May

Raising more awareness for the suffering in Darfur is good and necessary. However, I believe there is already a lot of awareness, but awareness is not enough.
I think most or all of our readers know what is going on in Darfur. They want to see an end to the Darfur crisis, but they don't know what EXACTLY should be done.

Therefore, I would like to ask you: What kind of action shall we advocat?
What exactly should the international community do?

Only more divestment and diplomatic pressure?

Create safe heavens?

Try to disarm the Janjaweed? How many troops do you need for that?

Bomb Khartoum? Then what?

Regime change? Are we prepared to deal with civil war and attempts of "ethnic cleansing in reverse" after a regime change? How long would that occupation last?

What realistic and fast course of action shall we advocate?

What are the Darfur and military experts suggesting?

The African Union has a Chapter VII resolution for Darfur and can use force to protect civilians. Shall we ask the international community to send more money and ressources to the African Union? Is the African Union willing and capable to fight and disarm the Janjaweed and their supporters?
The consensus seems to be that the AU hasn't done enough and that UN troops are needed, but I don't quite understand, why the UN would do a better job. The countries with most military and peace enforcement experience are not volunteering to sending troops to the UN, are they?
What exactly should the UN troops do?

I will write about Darfur soon and create awareness for the Darfur Day on September 17th, but I would also like to mention some specific suggestions by the experts.

Any help you can provide (like some links to expert recommendations) would be very much appreciated! Thank you.