Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peace & Peacekeeping in Darfur

DARFUR, -- The flawed Abuja peace deal of May 5th, 2006 between the government of the Sudan and the faction of Minni Minawi was conspicuously an asset to the perpetuation of crimes against civilian population in Darfur. On May 15th, Khartoum regime and its militia wing the janjawids relentlessly attacked 2 villages in the north Darfur, raping dozens of women in Meawashie, wounding 6 and killing many, leaving a message behind, as said by a villager, that “ you are slaves, we will finish you..” In Shearia the toll was enormous.
The regime that struck a deal in Abuja to abstain from assaulting civilians could not endure long before the resumption of the business as usual. It was not novel, at least, for one of the refugees in Gaga camp in Chad who learned the pattern of al-Bashir evil will “We know Omar al-Bashir. We have seen him make agreements and then break them 10 minutes later.” The awareness of the insecurity for civilians is increasingly reinforced by the inability/unwillingness of AU to protect them, regime’s policy of sustaining the attacks unquestioned and international community of flirting with those who commit war crimes and crimes against with total impunity. Read more >>>

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