Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Darfur: Patients double at health clinic

The health clinic in Garsila is finding it hard to cope with an influx of patients. There are not enough staff and not enough drugs to treat the sick.

By Charlotte Brudenell, ACT/Caritas

Garsila, West Darfur, July 25, 2006-Deba primary health care clinic, run by ACT/Caritas, is now the only place in Garsila where people can access free health care.

At eight in the morning, quiet queues trace along the clinic's two buildings and more people gather under the awning that spans between them. Women in colourful tobs with babies in their arms and children by their sides, and men and boys dressed in white all sit patiently waiting for the clinic to open. The clinic offers medical consultations, immunisations, mother and child healthcare, first aid and a short stay ward. Read more >>>

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