Monday, February 22, 2010

Sudan denies secret deal with JEM amid intense speculations on power sharing

February 20, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese government dismissed reports on a secret deal with the Darfur Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) that paved the way for a peace accord signed this week in its preliminary form in Chad.

The preliminary framework agreement in Ndjamena includes a temporary ceasefire and sets groundwork on which negotiations can commence. Items include humanitarian issues, IDP’s, wealth and power sharing, release of Darfuri war prisoners.

Full blown negotiations will resume in Doha shortly and Sudan says it expects concluding it by March 15.

The head of the Sudanese delegations in Doha talks Amin Hassan Omer told the government sponsored Sudanese Media Center (SMC) website that there have been no secret meetings or agreement with the rebel group saying that these are speculations and fears made by other Darfuri movements which are not part of the accord.

A breakaway faction of JEM led by Idris Azrag slammed the accord saying that it throws a cold shower on the efforts to unite the Darfur rebel groups currently in Qatar.

The group said that this is an outcome of “secret compromise” between the two sides under the following terms,

1. The release of Abdul-Aziz Nur Ushar (half-brother of JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim subject to death sentence), and others. 2. JEM to keep its army in Darfur while Khartoum will provide supplies and salaries to its fighters. 3. Handing over the political and military powers in Darfur to JEM and making Khalil Ibrahim the governor of the region. 4. JEM would cooperate with the government to protect polling stations. 5. The government would pay compensation for the losses of JEM. 6. JEM Cooperation with the government to dismantle and eliminate the rest of the rebel groups. 7. A reconciliation to unify the Islamic movement in Sudan to meet the challenges arising from the secession of the south and putting an end to expansion of secularism in the north.

Azrag’s statement said that this “bilateral pact” does not resolve the Darfur conflict and will further escalate the situation. The group said it will determine within the next 24 hours its position on the Doha talks.

The faction of Sudan Liberation Army (SLM) led by Ahmed Abdel-Shafi said in a statement today that they have ordered his delegation to withdraw from Doha and accused the mediation of violating the terms of prior agreements by endorsing the JEM accord with Khartoum. Read more >>>>>>>>>>

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