Friday, February 26, 2010

Darfur conflict flares after Sudan President Bashir declares war over

The Darfur conflict flared again after a Darfur rebel group said it was attacked by government troops Wednesday, just as the government signed a cease-fire with a separate rebel group and Sudan’s President Hassan Al Bashir declared the war in Darfur over.

The Sudanese Army denied any clashes happened Wednesday in the Jabel Marra region in Darfur, which it said is under government control. But the rebel Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) said it was attacked in at least three areas, reports Reuters. The French aid organization Medecins du Monde confirmed that fighting had taken place, forcing it to suspend operations Wednesday. The group said the city of Deirbat had been attacked, though it did not say by whom, causing a “massive flight of people” and bringing the number of displaced in the region to 100,000.

Reuters reports the SLA’s spokesman said “heavy” fighting went on throughout the night:

"The government attacked in huge numbers backed up by Antonovs [airplanes], helicopter gunships and MiGs (fighter jets). This is the peace the government is offering." Read more >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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