Monday, January 05, 2009

High noon at genocide in Darfur

Sudan's president, Gen. Omar al-Bashir, is scared. Having flimflammed the United Nations and flouted its resolutions warning him to stop the mass killings and rapings of his black citizens in Darfur, the victims' avenger Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, may finally be close to bringing this monstrous dictator to trial, the first sitting president indicted by the World Court.

Last July, Moreno-Ocampo had asked the ICC to issue arrest warrants for Al-Bashir on three counts of genocide, five counts of crimes against humanity and two of murder. The legal definition of genocide is: "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group."

The prosecutor accuses Al-Bashir of a campaign to eliminate African Darfur tribes.

After the ICC asked for more supporting material to justify arrest warrants, on Nov. 21, Moreno-Ocampo submitted more than 700 pages of documented evidence, including witness statements. All of his previous requests for arrest warrants in other cases have been successful.

Adding to Al-Bashir's fears is the prospect of national elections next year demanded by foreign donor governments, and supported by the United Nations and many in Sudan. The Economist (Nov. 20) reports that the dictator and his henchmen "know that if even vaguely free and fair ballots were to take place throughout Sudan, they would lose heavily." Read more >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


sudane70 said...

Omar al-Bashir honorable and noble than many world leaders who have the right to kill people and other people. Uncontrolled Ttagro not the cause of Darfur. And that was the world's foremost sponsor of the development, so it is the real problem

Anonymous said...

Hi sudane70 said

AlBashir is the most notorious genociadiary mastermind who belongs to be behind bars

sudane70 said...

Darfur, the issue of development. It is an issue all the parties to the Sudan. Bashir did not choose to be Failure Sudan. And there was the President should be tried is President George Bush. The old tribal conflicts Darfur, where the Darfur itself

sudane70 said...

It was always the people of Darfur have the initiative and providing the best food for Kano pilgrims. Vtholo because organizations to aid recipients. Muslims do not engage in rape. So all the cases cited Kahithiat are made by these organizations to solicit benefactors in the West while not paid the money to a displaced or in need It spent on these organizations. Therefore, this problem will not end there because the actors have an interest of the continuation of the conflict. Which was originally a conflict between farmers and herders continued throughout the centuries and was replaced by traditional methods within these organizations and industry leaders paid agent and implement policies foreign countries

Anonymous said...

You might be one of those people of helped al-Bashir to carry out his evil genocidal ideas in Darfur.

Let him and you come to justify that the Sudanese regime did nothing wrong in Darfur. The time of pathological hypocricy is over.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe that someone killed your family and grab your wife and then come to your home and everything happening in the hospitality and appreciation ????? This is evidence that the rape and murder is simply false accusations to undermine Sudan's unity and stability
(Written above and the like are the beneficiaries of the escalation of false accusations against the government to ensure more money for their organizations)