Sunday, January 04, 2009

Add your voice for Darfur


Overshadowed by the barrage of news stories on the economy and two wars we are fighting, is the genocide in Sudan which has entered its 6th year. Up to 400,000 have perished, with nearly three million displaced and living in refugee camps with insufficient food, water and medicine.

Darfur activists have been heartened by the election of Barack Obama, who during the campaign promised "unstinting resolve" to end the genocide against the Darfuri people by the government and its surrogates.

We need to hold him to his word. The national Save Darfur Coalition is coordinating a nationwide postcard campaign - one million voices for Darfur - to be delivered electronically or in person to our new president during his first week in office.

Please add your voice! Go to and let President Obama know that you support America exerting its leadership in bringing this tragedy to an end. Read more >>>>>>>>>


sudane70 said...

dont trade by darfur be sudanese

sudane70 said...

The real genocide is in Gaza where there are the Israelis kill Palestinians without mercy , but nobody can say anything. "Brother Jeffrey, please leave the Sudan and Darfur,to its people, without interference from you because you want Sudan to be fragmented countries such as Somalia and the awakening of conscience, you Vangdhu children of Gaza Israel bombs. You are, according to the figures of deaths and refugees in Darfur, I would like to ask you where you got it?? and a little diligence and research on the Internet, I can reveal Kzbk 400000 While You say many of the sites also mention other figures the number of refugees Is 2000000 or 3000000. seems that the organizations of whenever it wants to increase the outcome of the voluntary inflation figures. The Sudan is now secured .will be the real calamity if you succeeded in your quest for the manufacture of a new tragedy in it. Please leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

al-Bashir is the most evil person. Anyone defending him and his evil crimes against humanity is not better than him. Your are included.