Wednesday, June 18, 2008

U.S. Darfur Envoy, Actress Lambast U.N. Over Sudan Genocide

(RTTNews) - The U.S. presidential envoy to Darfur, Rich Williamson, joined his country's actress Mia Farrow Tuesday in lambasting the U.N. Security Council for failing in its duties to protect Sudanese people from genocide.

Williamson, who assumed charge in January, told a closed-door session of U.N. Security Council members it was "disheartening" that the world community had not done more to end the conflict and protect civilians caught in ethnic conflicts in the Sudan's Darfur region.

"All of us should be impatient. We have failed in our responsibility to the people of Sudan," he said. "If we continue this way, the slow-motion genocide will continue. We must do more," he added.

Williamson pointed to the two million people dead and the more than six-million displaced in Sudan's north-south civil war as a reminder to the U.N.'s colossal failure to bring peace to that war-torn country or to prosecute its alleged war criminals.

Farrow lambasted council members saying, "You are failing this body - the ideals and principles it represents. It is past time that a united U.N. Security Council stood up to end this human tragedy." Read more >>>>>>

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