Thursday, June 26, 2008

Robertson: Darfur now a living hell

(CNN) -- Life for the millions of people in Darfur's aid camps is a living hell. Women are often raped while out collecting firewood and security is so bad aid trucks can't get through, resulting in food handouts being halved.

So far this year 66 trucks belonging to the U.N.'s World Food Programme have been hijacked, three drivers killed in attacks and thirty more drivers are still missing.

A United Nations peacekeeping force with the power to shoot back if attacked has been deployed in Darfur in recent months, but despite being the largest ever sanctioned by the U.N. it is undermanned and under-equipped. The troops say there is no peace to keep and their troops are being attacked.

Recently 60 militiamen on horseback raided a peacekeeping patrol, stealing soldiers' weapons, ammunition, money and even their cell phones.

The crisis in Darfur first began when rebels who are mostly ethnic African farmers attacked government outposts in 2002 because they wanted power. Read more >>>>>>>>>>>

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