Sunday, May 25, 2008

Senate to advise Board on divesting in Darfur

By Paul Mayne

While the university has no financial ties to companies operating in war-ravaged Darfur, Senate is advising the Board of Governors to publicly announce Western’s commitment to remain so.
While Senate has no authority over the financial administration of the university, they can make recommendations to the Board.

STAND Western (Student’s Taking Action Now: Darfur) says Western needs to make its voice heard regarding the ongoing problems in the Sudan, where United Nations officials estimate over 600,000 people have lost their lives and some two million more have been driven from their homes over the last number of years.

“The atrocities happening in Darfur are intolerable and can’t be justified by anyone,” says student Senator Matthijis van Gaalen, also a member of STAND. “We can’t look beyond our boundaries and say this doesn’t affect us. If we do, what are we saying?”

Support for van Gaalen’s motion was received from a number of Senators, including Faculty of Education professor Rebecca Coulter, who says Western needs to stand up and be counted. Read more >>>>>>>>>

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