Monday, May 12, 2008

The brutality of the Khartoum regime's military actions in the Darfur

Who are the victims of this international cowardice? Who suffers when the world refuses to demand justice of those who would deliberately kill children? Let's at least grant the dignity of names to the victims of this most recent barbarism:

•Fatima Suleiman Adam Omar, 3rd grade, 10 years old

•Fatima Ahmad Bashir, 2nd grade, 8 years old

•Mubarak Mohammed Ahmad, 3rd grade, 10 years old

•Yusuf Adam Hamid, kindergarten, 5 years old

•Munira Suleiman Adam, 2nd grade, 7 years old

•Adam Ahmad Yusuf, 4th grade, 11 years old

How would Americans respond if terrorists acting on behalf of another country deliberately killed, with complete military impunity, six young children in one of our nation's schools? Outrage would bring the country to a halt. It would change the very nature of the presidential campaign. News coverage would be unending. Washington's response against the offending nation would be swift and destructive. Read more >>>>>>>

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