Monday, September 17, 2007

First picture of Darfur war crime suspect wanted by ICC

By Wasil Ali

(KHARTOUM) — The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) issued “Red Notice” for the arrest of a Sudanese militia leader accused by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of war crimes.

Ali KushaybThe Interpol issued the notice requesting the arrest Ali Mohamed Ali Abdel-Rahman, also know as Ali Kushayb on its website yesterday.

The judges of the ICC issued their first arrest warrants for suspects accused of war crimes in Sudan’s Darfur region in early May.

The warrants were issued for Ahmed Haroun, state minister for humanitarian affairs, and militia commander Ali Kushayb. Sudan has so far rejected handing over the two suspects. Read more >>>>>>>>>>>

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Anonymous said...

i was wondering who is responsible for the physical capture of Ahmed Haroun and Ali Kushayb? i am in the process of writing a speech for one of my classes and this info would be very helpful!
thank you so much!