Thursday, May 10, 2007

A 'Plan B' with teeth for Darfur

By John Prendergast

IF THERE is a Guinness Book of World Records entry for most threats issued with no follow-up, the international response to Darfur is likely setting a new standard. The United States is the only government to call the atrocities in Darfur genocide and is uniquely positioned to lead an effective response. Yet the Bush administration's empty threats over the past three years have emboldened Khartoum to escalate its destruction and obstruction in Darfur.

Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts At the Holocaust Museum in Washington, President Bush recently unveiled "Plan B," the latest US threat but one that contains the seeds of a policy shift away from an incentive-based policy to one based on real pressures and punitive measures. But "Plan B" is not yet strong enough and must be buttressed in specific ways. If it is transformed into a real set of multilateral punitive measures with teeth, the administration has an opportunity to lead in bringing the horrors in Darfur to an end. Read more >>>>>>>

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