Thursday, May 03, 2007

Darfur needs our help

KEVIN Rudd, Opposition Leader and, as I hope and believe, our next prime minister, made an important speech in New York recently.
He said: "The situation in Darfur is a humanitarian tragedy. We need action. On the question of Australian contribution to that action, I'd like to look at whatever proposals came forward from the UN and to see whether we've got the capacity to assist in some way or another."
That may sound like a fairly cautious statement and it is, because Rudd won't make promises he can't keep. But he has nevertheless recognised that the situation in Darfur needs action.
An international force must be assembled and put on the ground in western Sudan, between the Sudanese regime and its surrogates on the one hand and the people of Darfur on the other. Read more >>>

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