Sunday, March 11, 2007

Never give up fighting genocide in Darfur

By: Lilit Hovakimyan

My heart is paining for those who had lived their whole lives in peace and who wanted to die in peace, for those who were so young and had so many plans for the future, for those who would have so much to tell and who'd just learned to say "Mother." Is it fair?

No, it is not just. I know what it means. Genocide. Even hearing this word, I tremble. This word fills the heart of a 16-year-old girl with hatred. A question that doesn't leave my mind alone is, "Why? For what?" The answer is simple: "Why not?"

I am talking from a name of a whole nation. From the name of parents who saw their children burning in the fire, from the name of husbands who saw their wives being raped and from the names of children getting killed when they were still under their mothers' hearts.

I am crying while putting down what I feel on this sheet of paper. Yes, I am crying because I knowa 16-year-old girl and her thoughts or feelings cannot stop it. But I know one thing for sure. We cannot change the past, but the future is in our hands. We learn from the past and bring it to the future. If we all fight and never give up, there will come a day of triumph. Read more >>>

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Andrew said...

My heart is paining for those who been sold as slaves, and whose nation has been traded as a colony between foreign masters. The people beheaded by government and jihad militia. The mothers who have been raped and their unborn children cut from their womb to prevent the birth of indigenous children.

No, it is not just. I know what it means. Genocide. While the settlers live in peace and safety, the black population has been selected for government slaughter.

"Why? For what?" The answer is simple: Gold, Silver, and billions of dollars of Copper...

My government, Australia has stood by and allowed this to happen in silence for 45 years!

Only friends at the New York times in 1964 talked about this "evil precedent" and "violation of the U.N. Charter".

When will the world stop its pre-occupation with fads; and say NO to Genocide?

You can help stop the genocide & colonization of West Papua - if you support human rights.

American news about West Papua