Thursday, March 29, 2007

Darfur: Arrested Development -- 30,000 People Displaced in February

GENEVA, Mar. 28 /Standard Newswire/ -- 2007 has seen intensified fighting in Darfur. An additional 30,000 people were displaced in February alone, bringing the total number of people that have fled the ongoing violence since the beginning of the year to 80,000.(1) ACT-Caritas, with the support of PWS&D, continues to provide basic shelter, household items, clean water, latrines, primary health care and education to the displaced.

In January 2007, tired of the harassment, lack of security and poor conditions in general, several families from villages in the area of Abata managed to reach Zalingei camp where ACT-Caritas is working. ACT-Caritas provided blankets, wash basins, plates, soap and cooking sets as part of a coordinated inter-agency effort to assist the new arrivals. Charlotte Brudenell of ACT-Caritas journeyed to Abata to see what they left behind.

A sand track leads north from Zalingei to the village of Abata, but these days few people travel along it. Read more >>>

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