Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Darfur's Genocide Continues; The World Dawdles

By Lawrence Uniglicht

The human species, bereft of soul, vacillates as Arab janjaweed Muslim monsters, at the behest of a fascist Wahhabi driven fanatical Sudanese government, perpetrate genocide on helpless Black African Muslims within the hellhole Darfur region of Sudan, a fundamentally flawed fossil fuel drenched savage Islamic sovereignty, led by the aforementioned sadistic racist psychopaths, hellacious robed hindquarters cynically squatting on the ‘oil for food’ scandalized Kofi Annan led Kafkaesque United Nation’s Commission on Human Rights. Shame on the swaggering White House Texan for talking the talk, yet not bullying enough boots on the ground to walk the merciful walk ceasing a horrific abomination. Shame on sanctimonious feel-no-guilt first world governments, unmoved to end this out of sight out of mind replay of the Rwandan bloodbath; especially U.N. Security Council stalwarts China, coincidentally a Sudanese oil customer, Russia, and current Arab council representative Qatar; enamored by Sudan’s low life lobbying efforts thus opposed to any beefed up deployment of U.N. troops that just might stop the bleeding. The rest of the story >>

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