Monday, March 20, 2006

Darfur: Attacks on Tibon IDP camp and Villages in Jebel Marra

Sudan Organisation Against Torture

On 15 March 2006, armed forces with land cruisers and armed militias on horses and camels, allegedly the Janjaweed militias numbering more than 900 attacked and looted Tibon IDP camp in Jebel Marra, West Darfur. The militias also attacked three other villages on the same day, Daya, Turra and Kindo in Jebel Marra. During the attack, approximately 26 internally displaced persons (IDPs) were killed and 6 wounded. The injured IDPs have not been able to receive medical treatment. There are currently no medical clinics in Jebel Marra due to the departure of humanitarian organizations in February 2005 on account of the deterioration in the security situation in the area.

The details of the persons killed and wounded are as follows: Read the full details >>>

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