Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rally puts spotlight on Darfur atrocities

A rally is being organized by a coalition of more than 50 Manatee and Sarasota organizations to bring attention to the conditions in Darfur and hoping to inspire people to show support of the preservation of humanity.

On April 19, Omer Ismail will bring his dire message, "Why the World Failed to Stop Genocide in Darfur," to Sarasota as the keynote speaker of the third annual Humanity Working to End Genocide Rally for Darfur.

Ismail knows what it is like to be a refugee.

Born in El Fashir, Western Sudan, Ismail graduated from Khartoum University and worked as a research assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sudan. His work with international relief and development organizations continued until 1988, when he became operations manager for the United Nations Operation Life Line Sudan, the largest relief operation in the world at the time.

When the National Islamic Front took power in 1989, Ismail fled Sudan and has since lived as a refugee in the United States. Today, Ismail is the spokesman of the advocacy group Darfur Union and co-founder of Darfur Peace and Development.

According to the Sarasota-based Humanity Working to End Genocide. Read more >>>>>>>>>

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because there is no genocide