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The people of Darfur support The Chief Prosecutor of The International Criminal Court Mr. Moreno-Ocampo in the indictment of Sudanese president Omar H

His Excellency Luis Moreno-Ocampo
The Chief Prosecutor of The International Criminal Court

The Hague, October 31st, 2008

The people of Darfur support The Chief Prosecutor of The International Criminal Court Mr. Moreno-Ocampo in the indictment of Sudanese president Omar Hassan el Bashir

Your Excellency The Chief Prosecutor,

The signatories to this letter are representatives of the people of Darfur in Diaspora. The few who have assembled here today, from different parts of the globe, would like to express their utmost gratitude and emphatic support to the work of the International Criminal Court in pursuit for justice particularly for the innocent Darfuris who have endured a bitter experience of state sponsored atrocities for quite a long time. We do not only represent the voice of the oppressed masses of Darfur in their all walks of life but also express the feelings of the silent peace-loving masses of our globe.

Life offers very little to cherish in the absence of peace and peace can never be realized without justice. Peace and justice can not and shall not be traded with each other. Humanity has had enough of tyrannies and rouge regimes that do not only devalue human life but intend to destroy humanity. Grave crimes against humanity and impunity under the guise of sovereignty should not be unaccounted for. The credit goes to International Criminal Court with you as its Chief Prosecutor to render an unprecedented service to humanity.

The innocent civilian population of Darfur, as you are aware, has been victim of the worst criminal acts in the 21st century for no reason other than the revolt of some of their sons against the persistent injustices they have been enduring for decades. The regime in Khartoum is directly and solely responsible for all the mass killings, rape, torture, and forced displacement of our people. We genuinely value the efforts of The Chief Prosecutor of ICC and his team to have indicted the president of the Sudan Omar Hassan el Bashir for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur. Genocide and other grave atrocities in Darfur have been, as are still being, orchestrated, financed and systematically carried out under direct supervision of Omar el Bashir

Justice and peace in Darfur and the Sudan will prevail only when the principal perpetrators of the crimes against humanity and war crimes are held accountable. What happened in Darfur is directly attributable to the regime’s similar outrageous practices in South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains with complete impunity. Only law and international justice can deter the repetition of the same sad human tragedies. If the international community in fact believes in “never again”, they should unconditionally and robustly support the exertion of the International Criminal Court and its Chief Prosecutor to bring the perpetrators of gross human atrocities to justice.

Peace-loving people of Darfur fully and categorically support your endeavours to end genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur and the rest of the world.

We are confident in your unshakeable determination to proceed in the quest for justice against all odds.

Sincerely yours,


Ahmed M. Mohamedain, The Hague
Darfur Union, The Netherlands

Khatir M. Kayabil
Darfur People’s Union in UK and Northern Ireland

Abdelbagi Jibril
Darfur Relief and Documentation Centre, Geneva

Gamal Adam
Darfur Association of Canada
Calgary Branch

Abdelhadi Abbakar
Darfur Call, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Niemat Ahmadi
Darfuri Leaders Network
United States

Hafiz Bassy
Darfur Community Association of Australia Inc.

Darfur Australia Network
Hafiz Bassy

Mohamadain Ishag
Darfur For culture And Documentation Organization

Mansour Ahmed
The Fur Cultural Revival
Portland, Maine, USA

Darfur Uninon

Najmaldin Musa Abdul karim
Darfur Internally Displaced Peoples and Refugees Union

De. Nagib Nagmeldin
Amel Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation, Khartoum

Mr. Abdelmageed Salih Abker
Peace Youth Association; Khartoum

Abdelraheem Haroun
Darfur Democratic Forum, Khartoum

Abdelrahman Algasim
Darfur Bar Association, Khartoum

Drar Adam
Darfur Call Organization, Khartoum

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