Saturday, October 18, 2008

Statement , Darfur Union, The Netherlands


The Hague, Netherlands
October 05th, 2008

In a democratic and transparent environment, a reasonable number of Darfuris in The Netherlands appointed a preparatory committee with limited capacity to address the concerns of Darfuris in the coming three months till the day of their general assembly on which Darfur Union in The Netherlands will be established.

Members of the preparatory committee:

Name Tel E-mail
1) Ahmed M. Mohamedain +31 642330058
2) Mahammed Muhagir +31 647185328
3) Jamal Abdalla Khamis +31 000000000
4) Hawa Juma Ahmed +31 000000000
5) Elemam Musa Elemam +31 617385135
6) Nazar I. Fransawi +31 617472631
7) Imad Ahmed Addin +31 000000000

Preparatory Committee for Darfuris in The Netherlands
Secretary of Information

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