Friday, July 18, 2008

Turning up the heat in Darfur

The prosecutor for the international criminal court (ICC), following a three-year investigation, has charged the president of the Sudanese regime, Omar al-Bashir, with genocide and crimes against humanity. Whatever the implications of this unprecedented action for the future of Khartoum's National Islamic Front, there are good reasons to believe that the ICC has struck a broader blow against the complacent conviction, prevailing in too many countries, of sovereign immunity from atrocity crimes.

But the issue of the day seems not to be these extraordinary criminal charges themselves, but how Khartoum's génocidaire-in-chief will respond to the ICC announcement. Yet the issue has been badly framed with its focus so exclusively on Bashir. He heads a security cabal that has remained largely unchanged since it came to power by military coup in June 1989, deposing an elected government and never itself holding meaningful elections. Read more >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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