Sunday, April 22, 2007

Every day horror, from Darfur to Paris

By Guy Senbel for Guysen Israel News
Editorial of the week

This week we wish to draw our readers’ attention to the situation in Darfur where, from February 2003, nearly 400 000 people have been massacred by the militias of the Sudanese government, and more than two million people have been forcibly displaced. Most editorialists are calling this the “Darfur crisis”, we prefer to call it the massacre or the crime against humanity.

The day after the commemorations of Yom Hashoah and on the eve of the anniversary of the Independence of the State of Israel, the huge drama engulfing the inhabitants of Darfur is an issue that affects everyone whose historic conscience is strong enough to understand the urgency of an intervention to put an end to the horror. For it is indeed a horror. In addition to the murders, the indiscriminate rape of women and extortion are committed every week. Read more >>>

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