Saturday, December 16, 2006

Aid workers pull out of Darfur

London -
Aid agencies have pulled more than 250 workers out of Sudan's war-torn Darfur region due to security fears, threatening humanitarian supplies to 500 000 people, the groups have warned.

They said Oxfam International, Norwegian Refugee Council, Goal and other agencies had "temporarily evacuated" the workers a result of increasing military activity, banditry and direct violence against aid workers.

According to the group that also included Concern Worldwide, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and World Vision: "Aid workers are facing unprecedented difficulties at a time when humanitarian needs are rising fast."

It called on the Sudanese government and rebel groups to urgently agree on a cease-fire with immediate effect.

'Every day brings one huge blow'

Paul Smith-Lomas, regional director for Oxfam, which distributed the statement, said: "If the deterioration is allowed to continue, the impact on civilians could be devastating.

"With new displacements and attacks, the presence of aid agencies is more important than ever. Yet every day brings one huge blow after another to aid efforts." Read more >>>

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