Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The crisis in Darfur

RI's Concerns

Three years of fighting in Darfur have destroyed hundreds of villages, displaced 2.2 million and led to more than 400,000 deaths. RI is advocating for a swift and forceful response to the Darfur crisis, including better coordination of and more provision of humanitarian aid and establishment of an effective peacekeeping force to protect civilians.

The UN warns that the situation in Darfur is emerging as the worst humanitarian crisis in Sudan since 1998. The United States government and the parliament of the European Union agree that the government of Sudan is committing genocide in Darfur. Despite the signing of a ceasefire agreement and numerous other international agreements, the government of Sudan and Janjaweed militia continue to attack civilians with impunity. Forced relocations of settlements for internally displaced people, rapes of women by government police officers, and continued attacks on villages continue to plague the region and there seems to be little that the international community can do. Read more >>>

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