Saturday, January 28, 2006

UN urges Sudan to stop Darfur violence

By Africa correspondent Zoe Daniel
Saturday, Feb 28, 2006

The United Nations (UN) has called on Sudan to end a climate of impunity and violence in Darfur, where aid agencies are being forced to pull out due to increasing violence.

Renewed fighting has displaced thousands around the Golo and Jebel Marra areas of Darfur in the last few days.

An aid worker was killed when a UN helicopter crashed evacuating humanitarian staff during the week.

The situation around Golo remains very tense but the number of people killed and fleeing is unclear because most observers have already been forced to leave.

Sudan Liberation Army rebels are trying to take the town from government control.

They may be retaliating against attacks on villages by pro-government militias.

The United Nations human rights head has admitted that the UN will eventually have to take on a peacekeeping role in Darfur.

source: ABC news on line

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