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How to set up a Paypal account step by step

PayPal is a helpful tool that assists you to conduct transactions online like paying for some purchases, receiving for some sales or transferring cash to friends and loved ones. It has been one of the most popular systems of receiving and sending payments online for years

How can someone set up a PayPal account?

First Step

Go to and search for Paypal as in number1 and then click of the first search result as in number 2

Then you will get a website that looks like the one below. The page may differ slightly depending on which country you are located. You may notice this if you compare screenshots A (paypal page when you use browser with UK extension) and B.(paypal page when you use browser with US extension) 



Second Step

Here you have two options with to Log In or Sign Up. As a new user, you need to click on Sign Up button as in number 2 below. 

It will take us to the types of accounts you need to chose from either a Personal or Business Account. We chose the first one Personal Account and then we click next.

After you have chosen to create a Personal Account and pressed next, a kind of advertisement like this may appear. Click on the cross as in number 2.

Third Step

You need to fill in your telephone number. The system will choose the country code as in number 1 and you need to add your mobile as in 2. For confirmation purposes, Paypal will send you SMS message to the number you have added. 


Then, you go back to log in your account and fill in your details as in below

Then you type in your address, city and check the box of their terms

You may also link your debit card or credit card or a bank account to your PayPal account - see below

Fourth Step

You will see that your account has been successfully created as below. Now everybody is set up and ready to use for shopping, sending and receiving money.

When you click on Go to Your Account, you are officially in your brand new PayPal

Fifth Step

As you can see, your balance is zero because it is a brand new account.  You have different options;

With a PayPal account, you can transfer money from your account. You can transfer money back into your bank account as well.You can pay with your PayPal as millions of e-commerce websites accept it. You can also easily transfer money to other PayPal users, family members and friends.

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